My Personal Meeting With Claudia Schiffer VOL.2

Well, i have already shared with you the details of the first time i'v met Claudia Schiffer in Notting Hill, and i have shown you the paparazzi pics in which i am included. This is the story of my second meeting, that also took place in the same posh neighborhood in central london.

Apparently, Claudia was walking towards me on the street outside my hotel, but i didn't notice her right away, because unfortunately i'm a little short sighted. when i finally realized it was her, i approached her and politely asked her if she would sign my D&G ad from the 2009 Campaign.

I was accompanied by Mark Goldenberg, which made the experiences even more pleasurable. the paparazzi pics were published later that day, and were featured in many different publications and blogs.

Above: The autographed '
D&G ad campaign'

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