My Personal Meeting with Claudia Schiffer VOL.1

Allow me to tell you about my personal meeting with Claudia Schiffer.
Last year (01/06/09) i was traveling to london for some private matters, and was staying in a hotel near Notting hill. Early in my first morning of arrival, i was following a swarm of paparazzi, and spotted a very tall blonde with a CHANEL striped shirt, and D&G vintage bag. This is how i first met Claudia Schiffer.

We spoke very briefly, and she was very kind and gracious to take a picture with me. The camera was lousy, and it took me 3 attempts to get proper results. Claudia was calm and patient, and made me feel very comfortable.

The photos you see here, were snapped by the paparazzi.
In the first shot, i'm holding claudia's tiny waist, with the camera in my right hand, and in the second picture, i'm watching her as she walks away.

Cute, ha?
This is the picture i took with my personal camera.
I've made it look like an "Andy warhol painting".

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