Simon Evans

Artist: Simon Evans

Dear Diary:
Flies in my studio are annoying.
I am so paranoid like most of them.
Everyone in the art world is so nervous,
waiting for somthing to begin or end.
Dear Diary:
I'm sick of being alone with the pressure,
And the futile attempts at perfection.
We make thing until they are better than us,
Or until we get sick of them.
Truth or Excitement?
Art is a faith based business.
Art is a rearranged question.
I dont know what i'm doing - and i move forward.
Dear Diary:
My hair is leaving me,
And im so proud to be living like electricity.
Living like i wanted when i was a boy.
Advice for hot young meat: Dont be ungrateful,
And dont be bitter.
Dont google your own name.


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